Support Rep. Jenifer Loon

Eden Prairie News
by Cynthia Babcock

I am a 60-year-old woman who has never written a letter to the editor, until now.

Eden Prairie is lucky to have a woman like Jenifer Loon representing us as a state representative, she is a gift.

Jenifer is a kind, beloved woman who has through the years been involved in nearly every aspect of our award-winning community. As a mother of Erica and Rachel, her two very active daughters, and with her husband Doug, she has been a part of her daughters’ Eden Prairie public school activities, while also an active member of her church and the Eden Prairie Rotary club, along with many other community affiliations.

Jenifer is also a wise woman with impressive experience and credentials, and she understands that it is only through a healthy business climate and economy that we all can flourish. She was instrumental in overturning hurtful legislation to our medical business community, and she co-authored the Surly Bill, which created 8,000 jobs plus a new craft beer industry in Minnesota, that is growing and spinning into even more jobs and industries.

Maybe most of all, Jenifer is known for her diplomacy and her ability to work with her fellow legislators from whom she has earned respect, and frequently reaches across the aisle, to get things done. Jenifer understands and takes seriously her duty to represent her entire community, and she listens to her constituents.

Eden Prairie and Minnesota are better because of Jenifer Loon, and her work is not finished. Why on earth would we want anyone else?

Cynthia Babcock
Eden Prairie