Support Rep. Jenifer Loon

Eden Prairie News
by Annette Miller

I want to raise awareness within the Eden Prairie community of an important decision we need to make. This will happen in the primary election on Aug. 12, when we have to choose between two Republican candidates for our Minnesota House seat, and determine which of them will run in November.

I have known Jenifer Loon for 17 years. Jenifer has been an incredibly engaged member of the Eden Prairie community from the day she joined it. She has volunteered countless hours of time in our schools, in our churches and with our nonprofit groups. She has been active in the Rotary and other groups that are in touch with small business needs in our area. She has a lot of energy and she applies it to actively ensure we have the best community possible.

I was thrilled when she made the decision to run for (and win) a seat as Eden Prairie’s representative to the Minnesota House. She has stayed true! to her belief in supporting small businesses, and in recent work she authored the tap room or ‘Surly’ bill which has led to the growth of small businesses and jobs in Minnesota.

Jenifer is the person we need to represent Eden Prairie. She knows and understands the needs of this community. She listens to her constituents and thoughtfully places her votes to reflect their priorities. She works hard to support and ensure the success of small businesses so that Eden Prairie and Minnesota remain thriving places to live and work.

I fully support Jenifer for re-election and ask everyone to vote for her in the primary election on August 12, so that she can be the Republican candidate on the November ballot.

Annette Miller
Eden Prairie