Support Loon for District 48B

Eden Prairie News
by Gary Stevens

I admit, I’m a staunch Republican. I have also been on Rep. Jenifer Loon’s election team since she decided to initially run for the Minnesota House of Representatives in 2008. Jenifer recently asked me once again to help her in this year’s campaign. However, this year is different because she is being challenged by another Republican in the primary election, which will be Aug. 12. Her primary opponent wanted me to join her team also. Of course it’s good to be wanted by both politicians, but it also represented an important decision for me to make.

There is no doubt in my mind Jenifer Loon has been a great Republican representative. She has been a champion of school choice and standing up against Mark Dayton’s liberal agenda in St. Paul. She’s also opposed onerous tax increases that have harmed our state’s economy and supported a pro-jobs agenda at the Capitol.

Republican turnout for the primary election in Senate District 48B has averaged 800 or so voters in the last four elections. With such a low turnout, it becomes vitally important for voters to turn out to choose the Republican candidate who will represent the best interests of the constituents of Eden Prairie. I believe that person is Jenifer Loon. Her voting record shows she is a strong representative and shares our values. So, I would like to thank Jenifer, for her prior service and commitment to Eden Prairie. I am delighted to be on her team and ask you to vote for Jenifer Loon on Tuesday, Aug. 12.

Gary Stevens
Eden Prairie