Shari Grinnell, Eden Prairie

Reprinted from Eden Prairie News, October 07, 2010
by Shari Grinnell

I am writing to support the re-election of State Rep. Jenifer Loon (42B) to the Minnesota Legislature. I have known Jenifer for over 10 years. We met as members of the same church and have served on volunteer committees together. In my experience with Jenifer, I know her to be hard working, highly capable, and very effective in whatever she sets out to accomplish. She is also down-to-earth and very friendly — a real “people person” who genuinely cares about others.

When Jenifer first ran to be our state representative two years ago, I knew she would be the kind of person who would really take the time to listen to her constituents, understand their opinions and concerns, and act accordingly. Since she began serving her first term in 2009, she has conducted two constituent surveys, held four town hall meetings and sends out excellent e-mail updates during the session to keep citizens informed of the Legislature’s work. In July, a very detailed Legislative Report from Jenifer arrived in our mailboxes, outlining her work and key votes. She goes out of her way to make sure voters have every opportunity to communicate with her. Then she gets right to work on those matters most important to Eden Prairie and keeps working toward solutions until she gets results.

For example, in her first two years of service at the State Legislature, she has already authored a successful bill which will initiate a study and reform of an antiquated tax program that diverts property taxes from Eden Prairie businesses to other metro area communities. This practice results in Eden Prairie homeowners paying more for their residential property taxes. I feel fortunate that we have someone like Jenifer watching out for our interests and she needs to continue this important work. Please join me in returning Jenifer Loon to the House of Representatives when you vote on November 2.