Republican co-chair supports Loon vote

Eden Prairie News

As co-chair of the Eden Prairie/Minnetonka Republicans/Senate District 48, I am writing this letter in support of state Rep. Loon and her vote on the civil marriage bill for same-sex couples.

Many Republicans like myself believe government should not be in the business of defining marriages. I favored the civil union approach to resolving the matter – as did Rep. Loon, but the alternative to the underlying bill did not garner the votes to pass.

As with all issues before the Legislature, she demonstrated a thoughtful approach in determining her final vote on a tough issue. It would have been far easier for her to toe the party line and vote no. The Constitutional amendment to define marriage as between one man/woman was defeated overwhelmingly in our district. Party leaders and activists don’t have to worry these details, but public officials do. After all she represents everyone in her district, not just Republicans.

Rep. Jenifer Loon has proven herself an effective and hard-working representative, fighting against wasteful government spending, an outrageous $3 billion in new taxes and fees proposed by the new Democrat majority, and all manner of excessive government regulations that stifle job growth. She is focused on common-sense government reforms and stopping the uncontrolled, unsustainable spending that will hurt all hardworking taxpayers in Minnesota. My voice does not speak for all Republicans, but Rep. Loon deserves our continued support!

Krisla Berreth
Eden Prairie