MCCL State PAC endorses Jenifer Loon

MCCL Letter

Dear Jenifer,

The MCCL State PAC is pleased to endorse your candidacy in the 2014 primary election for District 48B of the Minnesota House of Representatives.

Our endorsement is based on your commitment to the pro-life cause, as evident from your responses on the 2014 MCCL Candidate Questionnaire and your commitment to working with MCCL to ensure MCCL’s pro-life strategy is implemented. Working together, we can be successful and we will make a difference in Minnesota.

You may publicly state your endorsement from the MCCL State PAC if you wish.

The MCCL State PAC is a separate, segregated fund of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, Inc.

Our very best wishes for success in all your efforts.

Leo F. LaLonde