Letter to the editor: Support Loon for representative

Eden Prairie News

Election 2012 — Legislature

Support Loon for representative

We write to express our strong support for the re-election of Jenifer Loon as our state representative.

As citizens who are actively engaged in the Eden Prairie community, we follow the actions of those we entrust to work on our behalf. From our observations of Jenifer, we are fortunate to have such an accomplished, hardworking, and humble representative.

At significant community events, Jenifer is there. She is an active participant in local service organizations, not just listed as a member, but a dedicated worker who takes on volunteer duties in addition to her public service in the Legislature. Jenifer takes the time to be accessible to her constituents, holding town meetings and providing opportunities to meet with her one-on-one. At these sessions, it is obvious she is very knowledgeable about the issues facing our state. No matter the question or issue, Jenifer is gracious and respectful to all she serves.

From working collaboratively with federal and local leaders to get the “green light” for the Hwy 169/I-494 interchange project to her work to reform the fiscal disparities property tax program that makes Eden Prairie businesses an “ATM” for the rest of the metro, Jenifer has a track record of success in addressing real issues that affect citizens and taxpayers in our area.

In the race for state representative, there is one candidate who has truly earned our support. Please join us in voting for Jenifer Loon on Nov. 6.

Basil and Mary Jane Wissner
Eden Prairie