Letter to the editor: Loon is the best choice

Eden Prairie News

We write in strong support of Jenifer Loon and hope everyone will join us in voting to re-elect her as our representative. Having known Jenifer for nearly 15 years as a neighbor and friend, and closely followed her work in office, we know she is the best choice.

Jenifer has a depth of knowledge about our community that is important for someone seeking to represent over 39,000 people. From her extensive involvement in Eden Prairie schools, to her work with small businesses in various industries, to her volunteer work and service in her faith community, Jenifer has a well-informed perspective of our diverse citizenry. Jenifer appreciates the struggles of hard-working families and taxpayers and believes government’s role is to remove barriers to opportunity so all who work hard can succeed. From advocating for world-class excellence in the education of our children, to growth in good paying jobs in our economy, to smart investments in infrastructure, Jenifer works to achieve our collective priorities.

Jenifer is also one of the nicest people you will meet. Whether she is delivering a delicious home-cooked meal to a family in need, or helping a constituent experiencing a problem with an agency or policy, Jenifer always takes the time to make a difference. She cares deeply for others, treating everyone with kindness and respect. She values all opinions — even if she doesn’t agree — and never makes others feel like their views don’t matter. While all candidates talk at election time about working courteously with others and not practicing partisan “warfare,” we are fortunate to have an elected official who has publicly put those beliefs in action. Rep. Jenifer Loon has served Eden Prairie and Minnesota well and deserves our support for reelection. Please join us in voting for Jenifer Loon for state representative on Nov. 4.

Pat and Cathy Buse
Eden Prairie