Letter to the editor: Loon is outstanding candidate

Eden Prairie News

In the upcoming general election, I respectfully ask voters to support an outstanding candidate to continue to serve as state representative for Eden Prairie — Jenifer Loon.

I have worked with Rep. Jenifer Loon on many projects and issues impacting our city, particularly transportation improvements. Jenifer provided great leadership in bringing together a bipartisan group of legislators from surrounding communities to support the rebuilding of the 494-169 interchange. She also reached out to our U.S. Senators, Congressmen and the Secretary of Transportation to move the project forward. As Chair of the I-494 Corridor Commission, I have worked to prioritize highway projects at all government levels so that Eden Prairie residents benefit. Jenifer has been a thoughtful and effective leader at the state level on these issues, offering insights on the process and suggestions for overcoming obstacles.

In addition to transportation, Jenifer has made the startup and success of small businesses in our state a top priority, and thousands of jobs have been created in our state as a result. Her depth of knowledge, gracious style, and well-reasoned logic make her the sound choice for Eden Prairie residents of all political persuasions to vote to return Jenifer to continue her work for us in St. Paul. Please join me in supporting Rep. Jenifer Loon.

Brad Aho
Eden Prairie

Editor’s note: Aho is an Eden Prairie City Council Member.