Letter: Loon works hard for the taxpayer

Sun Current

To the editor:

Courage, conviction and courtesy are three words that come to mind when thinking about our State Representative, Jenifer Loon. She works hard for the taxpayer, fighting government waste and unnecessary spending that diminishes our ability to do what’s best for our family.

She also stands up for the rights of individuals and the collective will of her community —even when a few in her own party disagree. After a difficult primary, Jenifer emerged a gracious winner. I have never heard her say a bad thing about anyone, and knowing her, doubt I ever will. She is widely respected by her colleagues of all political persuasions, both for her legislative work and how she conducts herself as a person.

As the spouse of a small business owner, I am thrilled that Jenifer has succeeded at creating more opportunities for small businesses to start up and grow jobs in Minnesota. As a mom, I know she supports education policies that put students first and makes sure our education dollars are spent for their success in achieving today’s rigorous standards, while honoring local control and the rights of parents. Finally, as a taxpayer a shining example of her ability to get federal, state and local officials to work together was the successful rebuild of the 494-169 interchange to get traffic moving through that important corridor.

Jenifer Loon has done a great job as our State Representative. I look forward to voting for her again, and hope that voters in Eden Prairie will join me in the upcoming election.

Mary Feyereisn
Eden Prairie