Jill Scholtz, Eden Prairie

Reprinted from Eden Prairie News, September 30, 2010
by Jill Scholtz

Jenifer Loon is the representative we need in the house to determine the future of our state and citizenry. She exhibits the qualities of a strong leader and she deserves your vote on November 2.

Jenifer is a good friend of mine and I have watched her work at the State Capitol during her first two years at the Minnesota Legislature. She is a solid supporter of our democratic system of accountability for decision-making and the efficient use of tax dollars. Jenifer has shown a consistent and courageous level of insistence on proper research, transparent discourse and meticulous planning for all government decision-making. Her leadership is a collaborative effort with the citizens of this community. She is approachable and compassionate, but also maintains great strength and focus as a servant leader.

Whatever changes need to be made to support the economy and create jobs, Jenifer knows how to move progress along by reaching across the aisle. This is by no means an easy task, but Jenifer manages to connect and gain respect in all of her collaborations. She is a true leader with an inclusive approach to problem solving. This is how we need to work to get things done. Would you please join me in voting for Jenifer Loon for the Minnesota House of Representatives!