Ruud, Loon elected in local races

Eden Prairie News
by Leah Shaffer

Locally, it was a tight competition for all the races, something that came as no surprise for all the candidates involved.

In House District 42A, DFL incumbent Maria Ruud was re-elected to represent parts of Minnetonka and Eden Prairie at the State Legislature.

She defeated Republican opponent Shari May garnering approximately 58 percent of the vote (12,804 votes) to May’s 42 percent (9,154 votes).

Needless to say, Ruud said she didn’t take anything for granted in this election.

“We were door knocking up until 7:30.”She added that she was thankful to the people of Minnetonka and Eden Prairie. Ruud, who will now return to a third term in the State House of Representatives, said that is has been a real pleasure to have all the conversations she’s had at people’s doorsteps.

“We have a wonderful community.”

What she’s heard during her times of door-knocking around the district has primarily been concerns about the economy, concerns about children’s futures.

“I heard those stories again and again at the door.”

Ruud’s priority will also be the economy and looking at what steps the Legislature can take to help shore up the economy for Minnesota.

There will be challenges, she noted, but “I am hopeful that it’s going to get better.”

Meanwhile, as Eden Prairie’s former District 42B representative takes a national stage, Erik Paulsen’s spot will be filled by Republican Jenifer Loon.

Loon defeated DFL challenger Jerry Pitzrick, garnering approximately 57 percent of the vote (13,452 votes) to Pitzrick’s 43 percent (10,002 votes).

Loon noted that it was a well-fought race.

“I think it was a very positive campaign.”

She said she was very gratified to have the support of voters of Eden Prairie.Loon talked about the flurry of work that had been involved in the tight race.

“I wanted to run a really positive campaign to really talk about my ideas,” she said.

The last week was a “flurry of door knocking and phone calling and efforts to get out the vote.”

She’d been campaigning hard for 10 months – “the hard work has paid off.”

Her first priority will be stimulating the economy “and get people back to work.”

She added, as somebody who has worked with small businesses for 16 years she knows that such enterprises are the engine that is going to drive this economy forward.

“I want to really focus some of our policies in Minnesota on trying to be more favorable toward promoting small- or medium-sized business.”